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Absentee Voting

votes cast by individuals not attending official polling sites

 Ensure you meet requirements, submit application, cast ballot.

Ensure you meet one of the requirements 

  • Any person who will be unavoidably absent from their voting place on the date of election.
  • Any members of the Uniformed Services, merchant marines and family members such as spouses or dependants away from polling locations due to active duty status.
  • Any U.S. citizen who is temporarily or living outside of territorial limits of the United States such as vacationing or residencey abroad.
  • Unable to attend the polls on Election Day because of illness or physical disability.

Download, fill-out, and return the absentee form

  • Download and print the application form and instructions appropriate for your circumstances.
  • Return the application form as indicated in the instructions.

You can cast your ballot once you receive it 

Your Application will be good for one calendar year:

  • For persons who reside outside the county in which they are registered to vote
  • For persons of long-term care or residential facilities licensed by the state
  • For persons who are disabled voters as defined in ACA 7-5-311(d)

Your Application will be good for one election cycle (any one (1) election and the corresponding run-off election):

  • For persons who reside within the county in which they are registered to vote.